Traffic in the downtown area has been getting increasingly messy, and the quickest way to move around this area (if you are healthy enough for it) is definitely by bike. There is also a local train from Villa María, three times a week. See get in section for more info. During the summer, the rainy season (November to March), it is hot and humid with frequent rain showers and thunderstorms at the afternoon. Although the oldest buildings are found in the surroundings of the Plaza San Martín (microcentro), the most pleasant areas are now the Nueva Córdoba district south of the center and the area around the Cañada, a small colonial canal that crosses the city. The once-vibrant afterhour scene has died somewhat since this law came into force. Salta is 13 hours north by bus. Some important and interesting yearly events are the Feria Internacional de Artesanías (arts and crafts fair) in autumn and the Book fair in September. In the poorer neighborhoods and the outskirts of the city, however, you should be more careful (including the western part of Güemes quarter around Zen club), as there have been incidents of discrimination against LGBT people and tolerance generally is lower. Dialing code +54 3468: Arias is a city in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. Those west of the city lie in the hills of the Sierras de Córdoba and are residential areas with some tourist attractions (see Go Next). Multiplex cinemas are in the shopping centers of Patio Olmos, Nuevo Centro and Córdoba Shopping, but there are some traditional cinemas in the city center like Gran Rex in General Paz and Colón and Cinerama, Colón between Tucumán and Sucre. Mainstream cinemas are in the shopping centers of Patio Olmos, Nuevo Centro and Córdoba Shopping, but there are some traditional cinemas in the city center. North and east of the city, in the plains, there are poor suburbs with a slum-like appearance like Juárez Celman and Malvinas Argentinas. Modern theater is also shown in Cineclub Municipal Hugo del Carril. For the first two centuries of its history it was the largest and most important town in the region that today is Argentina, until in 1776 Buenos Aires was declared capital of the Virreinato del Río de la Plata.
Mr Macri pledged to bring the percentage of the population living in poverty down to zero in his 2015 campaign, but in the first half of 2019, the rate jumped to 35.4%. From the Taravella airport there are also direct buses stopping on the way between Córdoba's bus terminal and the attractive suburb of Río Ceballos, but this bus stop is a 5-minute walk away at the E-55 highway and is poorly marked, better ask a local for the exact location. With English and Spanish knowledge you can work in many sectors, like gastronomy, tourism, or telemarketing (best chance for a part-time job). Most of the visitors of these bailes are working-class youths or slum kids. The old bus coins (cospeles) are not accepted anymore. If you want to visit a baile, particularly that of the most popular singer La Mona Jiménez, it's best to take a local with you. Most of the visitors of these bailes are from the lower social classes. As of October 2018, Taxis from Córdoba Airport to the city center were around ARS$270 and the AEROBUS service is ARS$50 from Airport to the City and ARS$61 back to the Airport. But these rules are loose and you may often successfully hail a green remis on the street. PLoS One. The best time to visit Córdoba is March to May and August to November, when it's not too hot nor too cool and there is very little rain. In Third Division there are Racing de Nueva Italia and General Paz Juniors. Also don't expect too much night life between Sunday and Tuesday, when only a few clubs are open (Monday night has the least events).

The rain causes some spot flooding due to an unsatisfactory drainage system. Taxi drivers are very sensitive about their cars. Most buses will charge 23,70 $, you should pay with a special bus card that you can buy at kiosks. Córdoba has the reputation of being a conservative city, but the LGBT presence and tolerance towards them has increased greatly over recent decades. Best rates on official website start at USD 46.00. Vélez Sársfield. Unfortunately, the cycleways are poorly maintained and have large gaps, some of them also pass through run-down neighborhoods with a high crime rate and are not recommended for tourists. If you combine two different lines from different colors with a no more than 60 minutes' wait, you will pay only about AR$1.80 for the second bus, and it's free to combine between different lines of the same corridor, if they go in the same direction (so normally you cannot return to your starting point without having to purchase another ticket). Some of its amenities are swimming pool, solarium with a wooden deck, Wi-Fi access, and a stargazing deck.
Local magazines include Orillas (politics), Aquí (general information), Ocio Urbano (culture and events), Las Rosas (scene/boulevard magazine of the Cerro de las Rosas, expensive and poor), and Punto a Punto (economy). Another motorway links Córdoba with Carlos Paz. Lockheed Martin purchased FMA in 1995. Some of the best places to go are: In the following three districts there is the most active night life: There are also some expensive clubs in the Cerro de las Rosas district. The greatest is the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba [10], with 120.000 students, particularly good in technology, medicine and architecture. The city is considered safer than Buenos Aires and Rosario, but it's not free of crime. Around 200,000 people study here, which makes the city's population one of the youngest and liveliest in South America. The Manzana de los Jesuitas, declared Humanity's patrimony by the UNESCO, is a whole block of such buildings, between 27 de Abril, Obispo Trejo, Caseros and Av. Some of its facilities and services are swimming pool, bar, garden, meeting/banquet facilities, free access to golf, Wi-Fi, hydromassage, airport shuttle (additional charge) and room service. Note that electronic items like televisions, cameras and computers usually have higher prices than in Europe and the US; particularly cellular phones even tend to be more expensive and are using old standards like GSM and CDMA. It is very easy to reach Córdoba from other parts of Argentina because of its position in the country's geographical center.

There is cultural and night life, primarily in the Güemes and Alta Córdoba areas and in the red light district know as the Ex Abasto because until 1990 it was a huge market area (Mercado de Abasto, now in the city outskirts).

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