is a property of Mandatory, an Evolve Media, LLC company. In the following two decades there was a flood of found footage movies, from the micro-budget Paranormal Activity - and its many subsequent sequels - to blockbuster … Now that’s out of the way, a brief introduction. Unfortunately, a glut of mediocre found footage movies - which includes a few of the Paranormal Activity sequels - hurt the genre, with some producers often using it as a way to make a cheap horror flick. It was The Blair Project Project from 1999 that popularised the genre, however, which became one of the most successful independent horror films ever. One of These Brand New OtterBox Cases to Protect It. Here’s a guide to 100 events that have us especially excited, in order of appearance. But the film is two-thirds gone before the five are placed in any real jeopardy, which seems like a long time to wait for the payoff. It’s unfortunate that the documentary aspect of this film wasn’t pursued more, because it certainly would have stood out against the modern day repetitive slasher that’s recycled every Halloween season. “The Houses October Built” dares to ask that question, and sure, if you’re relatively easily scared or are in a theater full of people who are, the film might be good for a few screams. But for every “Paranormal Activity,” “[REC]” or “V/H/S” that breathes new life into the form, there’s two or three along the lines of “The Houses October Built,” freshly hatched yet tiresome as a 10 re-watch of “The Blair Witch Project.” Though it has an intriguing concept — being shot and set among real-life seasonal “haunted house” attractions — Bobby Roe’s feature never transcends a predictable narrative trajectory to deliver much in the way of creepy atmosphere, let alone actual scares. It was produced by Zack Andrews and Steven Schneider. Padraig has been writing about film online since 2012, when a friend asked if he’d like to contribute the occasional review or feature to their site. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Once the horror sets in beyond orchestrated amusement scares, The Houses October Built achieves an unsettling tone of found footage voyeurism that … That just seemed like it begged and screamed for a story about it. Sadly, by the time I got my hands on a copy, the plot had completely changed. Here's The Houses October Built's twist ending explained - and how the sequel undermines it. The Houses October Built 2 doesn't work quite as well and is the more divisive entry. The movie picks up about a year after the original, and again plays like a road trip documentary of Halloween haunted houses, but the story doesn't fully click. The first movie contains some genuine chills, however, especially in the lead up to the ending. Five friends rent an RV on a quest to find the scariest Halloween 'haunted house' attraction in this routine found-footage thriller. Found footage has now become a horror staple due to the success of movies like Cloverfield, REC and the Paranormal Activity franchise. The final scenes are the most disturbing when the crew find the Blue Skelton and are buried alive - without knowing if it's all some kind of sick joke to scare them. That said, both the original The Houses October Built and its sequel are unique experiments in the found footage genre, and worth seeking out for horror fans looking for a fresh take on the concept. Next: Blair Witch Project Ending Explained: All Your Questions Answered. The Houses October Built is an underrated found footage series that approaches the crowded subgenre from a unique, creepy new angle. After a brief prologue (which the pic eventually returns to) showing a woman locked in a car trunk, there’s a preamble mixing archival and new footage establishing that some 30 million Americans purportedly visit roughly 2,500 haunted-house attractions per year. The 2016 Blair Witch sequel also proved to be a letdown, though there have been some solid entries in recent years like M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit and Unfriended. “The Houses October Built” dares to ask that question, and sure, if you’re relatively easily scared or are in a theater full of people who are, the film might be good for a few screams. The initial version was supposed to be more of a documentary, featuring a group of young adults going behind the scenes of haunted houses to find the true horrors that inhabit the cobweb-covered walls. The only problem is, the audience isn’t sure if those interviews are real or fake. After an unpleasant incident at a Baton Rouge bar, and one protag’s subsequent abduction, the five find themselves set loose — each with a camera, natch, to record their own fates — on Halloween itself in a final sinister attraction from which there will be no escape. Ostensibly playing themselves, the five filmmaker protags are alleged longtime Texas friends who rent an RV in order to do an “extreme haunt road trip” they’ll duly film, searching for the ultimate staged seasonal scares and hopefully finding a little “real” nastiness en route for investigative-reportage purposes. For instance, one fact that I wasn’t even aware of until I gained interest in this film is that some of the “scare actors” (actors paid to scare haunted house patrons) have a criminal background, since many of the houses do not look extensively into their employees’ past.

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