A right triangle has one angle of \(\frac{π}{3}\) and a hypotenuse of 20. Find the tangent is the ratio of the opposite side to the adjacent side. From a location 300 feet from the base of the building, the angle of elevation to the top of the building is measured to be [latex]40^\circ [/latex]. Find the height of the antenna. The sides of a right triangle are commonly referred to with the variables a, b, and c, where c is the … Given a right triangle with an acute angle of [latex]t[/latex], A common mnemonic for remembering these relationships is SohCahToa, formed from the first letters of “Sine is opposite over hypotenuse, Cosine is adjacent over hypotenuse, Tangent is opposite over adjacent.”. \[ \begin{align*} \sin α &= \dfrac{\text{opposite } α}{\text{hypotenuse}} = \dfrac{4}{5} \\ \cos α &= \dfrac{\text{adjacent to }α}{\text{hypotenuse}}=\dfrac{3}{5} \\ \tan α &= \dfrac{\text{opposite }α}{\text{adjacent to }α}=\dfrac{4}{3} \\ \sec α &= \dfrac{\text{hypotenuse}}{\text{adjacent to }α}= \dfrac{5}{3} \\ \csc α &= \dfrac{\text{hypotenuse}}{\text{opposite }α}=\dfrac{5}{4} \\ \cot α &= \dfrac{\text{adjacent to }α}{\text{opposite }α}=\dfrac{3}{4} \end{align*}\]. Find the exact value of the trigonometric functions of \(\frac{π}{4}\) using side lengths. Use the ratio of side lengths appropriate to the function you wish to evaluate. If two angles are complementary, the cofunction identities state that the sine of one equals the cosine of the other and vice versa.

This result should not be surprising because, as we see from Figure \(\PageIndex{9}\), the side opposite the angle of \(\frac{π}{3}\) is also the side adjacent to \(\frac{π}{6}\), so \(\sin (\frac{π}{3})\) and \(\cos (\frac{π}{6})\) are exactly the same ratio of the same two sides, \(\sqrt{3} s\) and \(2s.\) Similarly, \( \cos (\frac{π}{3})\) and \( \sin (\frac{π}{6})\) are also the same ratio using the same two sides, \(s\) and \(2s\).

3. Using the triangle shown in Figure 6, evaluate [latex]\sin \alpha \\[/latex], [latex]\cos \alpha \\[/latex], [latex]\tan \alpha \\[/latex], [latex]\sec \alpha\\ [/latex], [latex]\csc \alpha [/latex], and [latex]\cot \alpha\\ [/latex]. Measure the angle the line of sight makes with the horizontal. In previous examples, we evaluated the sine and cosine in triangles where we knew all three sides. 37. The reciprocal trigonometric ratios.
How far is the person from the monument? \[\begin{array}{cl} \tan θ = \dfrac{\text{opposite}}{\text{adjacent}} & \text{} \\ \tan (57°) = \dfrac{h}{30} & \text{Solve for }h. \\ h=30 \tan (57°) & \text{Multiply.} We can define trigonometric functions as ratios of the side lengths of a right triangle. Right-triangle trigonometry permits the measurement of inaccessible heights and distances. See. [latex]\cos \left(\frac{\pi }{3}\right)=\sin \text{(___)}[/latex], 8. For each side, select the trigonometric function that has the unknown side as either the numerator or the denominator. There is an antenna on the top of a building.

Lay out a measured distance from the base of the object to a point where the top of the object is clearly visible. 47. We can use the sine to find the hypotenuse. The opposite side is the unknown height.

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