Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. 7. A close family member of mine is (at the time of writing) 39 weeks with her second baby and was facing a potential induction due to her baby’s position. One way that you can prepare your body for natural childbirth is to practice squatting every day. Most of us want to do the best we can to give that new person the best possible start in life. Save yourself the trauma of medical induction and work with Mother Nature to kick start labour naturally. Somewhere in the depths of the natural birth Facebook groups I heard about SpinningBabies® and took a look at their site. Always make sure you find a class run by someone who has had specific prenatal yoga training in order to get specialist knowledge and feel safe in the exercises you’re doing. During labour, there’s a HUGE amount of pressure on this part of the body. Whether we have a home birth or a hospital birth planned, the unexpected can happen, and it is always good to accept that it may not be the perfect birth. The walls of home and natural birth groups all over Facebook are littered with stressed-out pregnant women asking for advice on how to convince their brother-in-law that their birth plans are safe. It’s as simple as that. In addition to preparing your partner, your natural birth instructor will be able to guide you to find the best books, websites, even care providers and doulas in your area. It’s crucial that you stay in shape throughout your pregnancy to increase the chances of having a natural childbirth.

Meanwhile, one particularly painful medical intervention during labour is the episiotomy, where a doctor or midwife cuts the perineum (SERIOUSLY F’ING OUCH) in order to make more space for the baby to come through. Pregnancy nutrition is integral when it comes to natural childbirth. 10. I went to an amazing pregnancy-specialist osteopath (if you happen to live in East London, it was the wonderful Lucy from the Walthamstow Osteopathy Clinic) for a weekly session, initially with the aim to sort my lower back aches in time for the marathon of birth. The essential guide to giving birth at home, having a home birth in the UK. “The effect of late pregnancy consumption of date fruit on cervical ripening in nulliparous women.” Journal of Midwifery and Reproductive Health 2:150–156.

Great nutrition and adequate protein can even help eliminate morning sickness. Yup, if you’re 34 weeks plus, it’s time to lube-up, squat in a very ungainly position while heavily pregnant and get stuck into some very hard-to-reach places…. One scene that really stuck with me from a young age was from one of my favourite movies as a kid, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – yes, I know NOW that it’s a preposterous film, but I was 10 and was the best thing EVER, okay? It’s important not to suddenly start exercising more than you were before you became pregnant, however.

10 tips for how to create an empowered birth plan during the current coronavirus lockdown. Your body will go through some drastic changes as it grows first a placenta, then a baby, adds fluid, almost doubles its blood volume and prepares for future breastfeeding. Purchase a birth kit and anything else you might need for your birth. We respect your privacy and won't spam you. It’s important to know the signs of labor so you will know exactly what to expect and how to time arriving at the hospital. I won’t say I was “lucky” not to have one though, as I very deliberately prepared my perineum in advance for the huge task it was about to undertake, and I did it via daily massage. Prepare your space. This way, mom and baby stay strong for an easier birth.

They can teach mom-to-be relaxation techniques and help a woman stay focused in the delivery room. Plus, it was a wonderful weekly session of both self-care and much-needed support and conversation, as she was so knowledgeable and interested in pregnancy that I felt almost like I was gaining the social benefits of having a doula. They are particularly helpful during pregnancy to help you avoid incontinence and even a prolapse of the uterus after birth. Your doctor or midwife will make decisions when you can’t and will be there for the final moments of birth. The birth place that works best for you and your family will be influenced by many things, from cost to your own health to where you feel most emotionally comfortable. It is vitally important that this person be both trustworthy and skilled. Your body will go through some drastic changes as it grows first a placenta, then a baby, adds fluid, almost doubles its blood volume and prepares for future breastfeeding. When I was pregnant, I had to do quite a lot of personal work to get over the fear of childbirth that had once made me convinced I would never have children. Not only that, Milli has teamed up with hypnobirthing practitioner Sophie Fletcher to bring out a special online course called the Positive Birth COVID-19 Rescue Pack, which is available on a sliding scale of payment in order to help as many women as possible (from all over the world) access it. This gentle form of exercise can help strengthen your core, build up your leg muscles, and keep your body limber for delivery. This will help you stay comfortable and relaxed so that your body can do the hard work it needs to dilate. You can start doing pelvic floor exercises from the very beginning of your pregnancy and it’s highly recommended that you do.
It can also prevent incontinence. At the time of writing, the UK is only just emerging from lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so online is currently the only way to go here, but once lockdown is over I definitely recommend getting out there to a prenatal yoga class if you have one nearby. it must have become ingrained in me that, one of the possible outcomes of being pregnant was that your baby would not “turn”, and I didn’t like the idea of what could happen next. Midwives often work in hospitals (thought many can be found working in a home birth or birth center environment) and their approach to birth tends to be more supportive of natural choices.

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