Kane and Will's romantic first date is hijacked by their kids. Abi and Gemma are determined to beat their husbands in a parents' talent quest.

Fletcher Grant as Jacob, Shem Le Scelle as Intern 2,

Madison Torres-Davy as Tilda,

James Saunders as Principal Scott Michaels, This works, however she then loses the baby. Season 5, Episode 1 of the series House Husbands - The arrival of a new neighbour and school teacher causes havoc among the house husbands. Emily Taheny as Sonia Stevens, House Husbands Season 5 Episode 02 mnjhytgfr vbghnjm. Simkl automatically tracks what you’re watching, tells you how many episodes you’ve missed, and connects you to what your friends are into.

Denise Scott as Nurse Toni, Justin's first date with Lucy goes badly, while Lewis reveals that he is not happy with his friend dating his daughter. Kane and Eve have survived the accident but Eve's leg is badly broken. Directed by Ian Watson. Madison Torres-Davy as Tilda,

Russell Frost as Security Guard, Allegra Volange as Angie, The parents face Show and Tell day. The house husbands devise the perfect heist to retrieve Izzy's stolen motorbike. Her life becomes further complicated when Kane, Alex and Eve decide Abi is the perfect surrogate to carry their baby — however she accepts their proposal. Gemma is torn between family and career when she wins a prestigious scholarship to the USA. The house husbands devise the perfect heist to retrieve Izzy's stolen motorbike. Abi's plans for Gemma's hen's night go awry, so she hosts the wedding instead. Then a stunned Abi drives past, on her way to work. Lewis is determined to earn Gemma's forgiveness, but she still doesn't forgive him. Be the first to recommend TV shows that people may like! Kane finds his Mr Right in the most unlikely place – the school library. | Nine Network Mark as watched Still reeling from the death of his father, Dan Hamill as Kyle, Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. Rod Mullinar as William Mitchell, House Husbands is an Australian television comedy-drama, created by writers Ellie … With: Lewis is a stay-at-home dad to Tilda. The house husbands devise the perfect heist to retrieve Izzy's stolen motorbike. Madison Torres-Davy as Tilda,

Madison Torres-Davy as Tilda, 669,000 viewers (11th) Eloise & Beatrice Smibert as Georgia,

Louise Siversen as Miss Looby, With: Riley Webb as Zac, Lily Jones as Poppy,

As Mark tries to juggle his work and his home life, he makes a mistake in kissing Miss Nadir. Abi and Gemma are determined to beat their husbands in a parents' talent quest. Abi and Kane's father comes for a visit and reveals he is broke. Nancye Hayes as Liz, Kane and Tom are surprised at how well Stella has recovered. Denise Scott as Nurse Toni, Directed by Ian Watson. Lewis thinks about taking on a new renovation project, which upsets Gemma. Abi and Gemma volunteer to teach sex education at the school, with disastrous results. As he recovers from his heart attack, Lewis tells Gemma he slept with Belle. 637,000 viewers (14th) Rachel relies on Abi and Gemma to deal with her pregnancy.

It's been a year since we left the House Husbands at the school gate and a lot has changed. Belle's presence also causes problems for everyone else. Edward Valent as Coffee Guy, Angelo De Cata as Mannix, Riley Webb as Zac, Allegra Volange as Angie, Lucy struggles to balance her career and her role as a step-mother to Justin's children.

Gary Sweet as Lewis, Jane Allsop as Rachel,

Andrea McCannon as Mum 2, Mark and Abi experience every parent's worst nightmare as they wait to see the extent of their daughter's injuries after Poppy falls while protesting the school's closure. Jagger Serafin as Atticus, Mark gambles his future happiness on a risky business venture. After their pregnancy scare, Mark and Abi decide that he should get a vasectomy. Mark is hoodwinked by Justin into employing Nicola as his personal assistant, but her inexperience threatens his career and friendship with Justin. Samantha Healy as Peta, Leigh Gathercole as Intern 1, Ava & Audrey Bellert as Sophie, The young man threatens to sue Abi, creating a major setback in her competition with Dr Saxon for promotion and threatening to bankrupt her and Mark. However Nicola is tragically killed whilst looking at a washing machine on the side of the road.

Romance is on the menu at Lucy and Mr Tuck's new apartment and Justin and Nicola celebrate their untimely divorce with a romantic night out. Leigh Gathercole as Hospital Intern, Aly Zhang as Hospital Intern, Justin goes to extreme lengths to help resurrect his brother's AFL career. Do not choose a password too simple, less then 4 characters, because such a password is easy to find out. Chloe Wilson as Female Jogger, With: Eloise & Beatrice Smibert as Georgia, Hugh Sheridan as Nick, Jagger Serafin as Atticus, Erika Sepulveda as Real Estate Wife, Justin and Nicola panic when Zach goes missing during their custody hearing. House Husbands / S05E01 Season 5, Episode 1 | Aired on February 6, 2017 | TV-PG | 60 min. Track House Husbands season 5 episodes. Rhys Muldoon as Mark, When schoolyard rumors result in a petition calling for his sacking, he decides to quit while he's ahead. Directed by Fiona Banks. Jagger Serafin as Atticus,

The house husbands devise the perfect heist to retrieve Izzy's stolen motorbike.

Justin learns that Nicola and Rodney are moving to Sydney. Eloise & Beatrice Smibert as Georgia, Justin's wife puts their house on the market, which prompts him to try and prove that he is a good father to their children. Lewis struggles with his new lifestyle, while Mark struggles with work. Season 5 guide for House Husbands TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary.

Rafiq's future is clouded with uncertainty after he collapses during a training session and Justin endures an agonizing wait to discover whether his boys have inherited the same condition. The votes are in and Lewis is elected to council. Rachel relies on Abi and Gemma to deal with her pregnancy.

Eloise & Beatrice Smibert as Georgia, Lewis has trouble accepting the reality of Gemma's pregnancy and Justin gets a surprising gift from his twins. Eloise & Beatrice Smibert as Georgia, With: Miss Looby strong-arms Lewis into helping in the classroom. Holly Austin as Mia, Lewis is certain the young Romeo is hiding something and becomes determined to expose it. [4] It began airing from 8 April 2013. Written by Ian Meadows Justin goes to extreme lengths to help resurrect his brother's AFL career. Riley Webb as Zac, Lewis and Gemma help Phoebe prepare for the birth of her baby. However he decides to leave Stella with Kane and Tom.

Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy House Husbands? Riley Webb as Zac, After offending his friends and family, Lewis tries to take a more relaxed approach to life. Gemma captures the attention of a visiting surgeon, but after rejecting his advances, she becomes the victim of a bullying campaign. S5 E11 Episode 11 A new teacher at Nepean South drives a wedge between the house husbands and their partners. Kane coaches the children's soccer team, but has to put it to one side when he learns Stella has a tumour. Izzy Dreyfus, a motorcycle riding, free-spirit arrives at Neapean South as the new school literacy specialist and her arrival turns more than a few heads. Marky Lee Campbell as Council Security 2, With: Justin's estranged brother visits in dire need of help. Jagger Serafin as Atticus, Frank Magree as Jones, He tells the other husbands that he cannot buy into the pub, but Lewis helps him out. And their embryo is in danger. Abi becomes suspicious of Gemma's sudden secrecy, until Gemma tells her she's part of a book club. Justin learns his house has been sold and he asks Lucy out on a date. Nick does his best to clear the air with the other House Husbands, but tries their patience when he reveals he still hasn't come clean to Rachel about his secret gambling past. Episode 5.12 (58 - finale) > Mon, April 17, 2017 467,000 viewers (17th) Written by Matt Ford and Meaghan Rodriguez Fletcher Grant as Jacob, Lewis is jealous when Gemma goes on a yoga retreat with her childhood friend, Damo. Jagger Serafin as Atticus, Denise Scott as Nurse Toni, , Written by Matt Ford and Meaghan Rodriguez Michael Chrisanthopoulous as Zullo, However, he's barely taken his oath before he's floored by shocking news. Madison Torres-Davy as Tilda,

Dan Hamill as Kyle, Abi is upset when she misses her daughter's birthday and loses a patient. Alex is all set to propose to Kane, but the moment is ruined when Finn is punched by a fellow classmate at the breakfast table. Lewis becomes public enemy number one when it's announced the local school is to be closed. Fletcher Grant as Jacob, Mick Preston as Council Clerk, Mon, April 03, 2017 Lewis is forced to admit he really has become good friends with Kane.

Gemma is accused of cheating in her final medical school exam. Vincent McDougall as Baby Jack,

Nick's dark past catches up with him, threatening his relationship with Rachel and the house husbands. Nathan Rocks as Masseuse, Nancye Hayes as Liz, Craig Brookshaw as Young Man, Mon, February 27, 2017 As it happens, Eve's not expecting, but after a carrot-chopping incident, the catering rivals bond and Kane, Alex and Eve decide to try for a baby together.

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