Reliance on threats of retaliation more than defences to deter nuclear or massive conventional attacks, but maintenance of extraordinary levels of standing peacetime conventional forces for deterrence of lesser attacks.

Since the age of Cold War, chiefly on Cuban Missile Crisis event, deterrence has been viewed and used as the greatest mediator to attempt influence the decision making of the states. Deterrence theory was shaped by the intensity of the early Cold War and the grave danger from overwhelmingly destructive capabilities. This is difficult to sustain and can produce iterated low-level conflicts, even enduring rivalries, that become relationships of mutual hurting – military steps used for political posturing, communication and deterrence, making for ‘serial deterrence’ encounters.10 These facets of deterrence were well known in the past, as in the confrontations in Arab–Israeli relations or the American deterrence relationship with North Vietnam. Collective actor deterrence these days is an extension of, and a tool in upholding, an emerging version of international law and order and the continuing development of norms – transnational, international and domestic – of proper behaviour. For examples see: Michael Horowitz, ‘The Spread of Nuclear Weapons and International Conflict: Does Experience Matter?’, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 37, No. Suitably adjusted, pivotal deterrence theory could be of considerable assistance to peace enforcement/imposition efforts in such conflicts, and also invigorate ‘muscular preventive diplomacy’, an endeavour collective actors have been urged to pursue more vigorously.26 The difficulty in this will continue to be getting collective actors to use deterrence like state actors. It resembles the original plan to have (UN) standing forces for security management rather than cobbling forces together in an ad hoc fashion when needed. Classically, a revolutionary state in international relations seeks to transform the system structure to its advantage; the US seeks state domestic transformations to make a favourable system more peaceful and manageable. Clearly not always successful, deterrence remained attractive; there was always limited support for doing without it and betting on something else. 53, No. Another sweeping incitement of the first wave of rational deterrence theory and what Rapoport argues is the misuse of game theory by its developers. ‘Collective actor’ designates a set of states that form a group aimed at promoting the general welfare, as opposed to one serving only the members' needs and interests: international organizations, or ad hoc groups like the one that has negotiated with Iran on its nuclear weapons ambitions. For instance, classic balance of power systems were based on deterrence, applied by actors not just to prevent wars but via wars. 311–23; Frank P. Harvey and Patrick James, ‘Deterrence and Compellence in Iraq, 1991–2003: Lessons for a Complex Paradigm’, in Paul et al. 2 (April 2009), pp. The primary objective is a better, more reliable and more useable capacity for collective actor deterrence than the United Nations and most regional security management institutions can mount. The theory invites spreading democracy as the best way to enhance security: the international environment becomes less dangerous as stable democracies proliferate. States can feel that being attacked, then protected, with conventional forces is much too damaging; that is a large part of what they want to deter. One reason they seem so problematic, like various Cold War era threats, is the open nature of Western societies. They often disagree over specific coercive measures, with opposition rising as decisions on this get nearer. However, John M. Owen claims that major powers have typically attempted to spread their domestic values and arrangements, so the US is not unique. One result is that the inability of the international community to make sanctions or threats of force fully effective often makes deterrence appear weak. With little inclination to adopt spectacular departures from the status quo, the response was settling for gradual adjustments.

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