It is an abnormal and irrational fear wherein the sufferer does not have any obvious reasoning as to why they are afraid of falling asleep. Feeling nervous climbing open tread staircases. Sophophobia is a phobia related to the fear of knowledge. People who suffer from this phobia feel intense fear, anxiety and uncomfortableness when exposed to any type of water. Koniophobia- If you fear dust, (Amathophobia) as in this phobia, you may be concerned about suffocation.

In these situations, speaking to a mental health professional can be the start of the recovery process. inspecting your food before tasting. An agoraphobic, however, often refuses to even leave their home. If you have a debilitating fear, phobia, or nervousness about something—anything—we want to help. Tremophobia- People may fear trembling if they equate it with early symptoms of a degenerative disease. When faced with their phobia, they will experience intense anxiety, which is sometimes debilitating. This phobia requires special considerations due to the intangible nature of the sufferer’s fear. Syphilophobia- A fear of syphilis is not only concerned with the illness, but the stigma with how it is contracted.

Phagophobia- If you fear swallowing or of eating or of being eaten, it could more likely be a fear of choking.. Phalacrophobia- Vain individuals assume loss of all kinds of opportunity when losing their hair. (Cymophobia) KynophobiaNot surprising is this fear of rabies. Fear of strangers, foreigners, the unknown. TIME USA, LLC. Eosophobia- is a fear of sunrise or the light of day.

Panophobia is a phobia related to the fear of everything. This phobia presents itself as a fear of a superstitious date and can cause the sufferer to feel intense anxiety if a Friday the 13th date is coming up on the calendar. See also. Many people have some type of fear relating to the deterioration of their sight. Sexophobia is a phobia related to the fear of the opposite sex. People suffering from this type of phobia was may obsessed with cleanliness. Perhaps a gruesome tale or the powerful stare of an antagonist is to blame. Accessed June 21, 2019. Philemaphobia or Philematophobia– This is the fear of kissing, or more commonly, the fear of getting cooties. Cryophobia- Means you fear extreme cold, ice or frost.

likely be seen in a library. Phonophobia- Fear of noises or voices or one’s own voice; of telephones. Thermophobia- With a fear of heatcomes the thought of succumbing to it. Nudophobia- Many fear nudity both of themselves and others, perhaps judging themselves against others. Photophobia- Those who have eye issues or like seclusion may have some fears about light. Xenoglossophobia- Some fear foreign languages because they assume people may be talking about them.

Electrophobia- is to fear electricity. Cucurbitophobia is a rare type of phobia and it is due to an excessive and abnormal fear of gourd-like plants especially pumpkins. Parasitophobia- The sensation of an itchy rash can feel like torture, so the fear of parasites is understandable.

Rather than be attracted to an ‘opposite’, they are confused and frightened by them.

Catapedaphobia- No taking a dare for this fear of jumping from high and low places. Lightning. People with this phobia often experience difficulties in everyday life, such as being unable to leave the house if it is raining.

Fear of ventriloquist dummies, wax statues.

As they become more and more a necessary part of our lives, reliance on technology for work, play and communication can cause stress when something malfunctions. Mysophobia is a pathological fear of germs and contamination.

Society is working to dispel the stigma of revealing and treating mental illness. Others are able to do work themselves without professional help in order to master the fear associated with the phobia. Hodophobia- the fear of travel by road is a bit of the opposite of the fear of flying. When dealing with spiritual issues, people often fear the potential for sensing guilt or requiring life change. Ataxophob- Having the fear of disorder or untidiness, can make for a very clean house, but very little Acrophobia is an extreme and abnormal fear of heights and this includes situations when the person is not even high up.

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