The Andrea Doria collided with a smaller cruise ship, the Stockholm, and began to take on water on her starboard side. The fact that anyone survives the events of movie—between that 90-foot wave, the violent overturning of the ship, the gushing water, the pits of fire, and all the screaming matches—is possibly the craziest thing about it. While trying to rescue her, Turner loses all of his salvaged gold. In response, Gallico started writing Beyond the Poseidon Adventure, however, he died in 1976 before completing the book. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Later they also find the blind Harold Meredith (Jack Warden) and his wife Hannah (Shirley Knight), who were waiting to be rescued. However, before anyone is killed, another explosion occurs, allowing Turner's group to escape through another cargo room. Not Rated | 2h 54min | Adventure, Action, Drama | TV Movie 20 November 2005. Share to Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Bookmark Save articles for future reference. The Poseidon Adventure: Visual Aid → 9 Responses to The Poseidon Adventure: Part 4. Subscribe to BN Log In. Reply Thread Tools: Display Modes #1 11-17-2005, 09:26 PM alphaboi867. Despite Harrison’s protests (“Dammit, man, the Poseidon is too fine a lady to be rushed to the junkyard on her last voyage!”), a course for doom is set.

However the circumstances of that casualty were very unusual and it was an unusual vessel. The most powerful knowledgebase mapped from 20 years of research and insight into every WA Sure. He shoots her, but before she dies she strikes Doyle with an axe, killing him. The sequel is painstakingly crafted and pleasant to watch but seems routine and even tedious at times, mainly because there has been so much razzle-dazzle on the screen since the S.S. Poseidon capsized—including, of course, Allen's own 'Towering Inferno. so damn hilarious. No offense, tidal wave, but this rescue by the “fat woman who can’t climb” is as incredible as it is unexpected. I am given to understand that the current rollover will be attributed to a bomb, (probably piercing the hull and making any trapped air a serious plot failure). The group with Turner encounters the ship's nurse, Gina Rowe (Shirley Jones) and two passengers, elegantly dressed Suzanne Constantine (Veronica Hamel) and war veteran Frank Mazzetti (Peter Boyle), who is searching for his missing daughter Theresa (Angela Cartwright). In 1973, soon after the first film came out, producer Irwin Allen proposed a sequel that would have had the survivors testifying in a hearing on the disaster in Austria, the country of the Poseidon's parent company. And then there’s Gene Hackman, who had won his first Oscar a year prior, for 1971’s The French Connection.

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