Captain Gorman was one of the few Royal Australian Armoured Corps officers to serve in an amoured unit during the Korean war. After the Eighth Army's advance to the Kansas Line had begun in early April, strong indications of a new Communist offensive were detected by the Americans. On many occasions the gunners broke up enemy attacks or preliminary concentrations, delivering accurate fire in response to the forward observer's directions. Rifles and equipment lay scattered everywhere, among burnt-out carriers and smouldering trucks. Headquarters Company, commanded by Captain Jack Gerke, occupied ground a little to the east and to the rear of the battalion headquarters.

After climbing the spur to D Company's perimeter, Saunders led his company south down the main ridge without incident, followed by A and D Companies during the next hour. Carne was awarded the Victoria Cross for his leadership and courage.

Sergeant McGregor, who was waiting near the entrance to the Middlesex area when B Company arrived; surprised by the appearance of the first three men he saw coming up the road. Although the Chinese fired on the aid post, they did not attack it directly; nor did they fire on men when they were loading casualties aboard the battalion's ambulance, which prominently displayed the Red Cross. Australian soldiers gathered the wild azaleas in bloom on the hillsides to brighten their commemorative wreaths which were to be laid at the service. He lay by the road until an American vehicle came past, but when he tried to crawl towards it, he found that his hip was paralysed. No. The 14 US Sherman tanks actually poured machine gun fire at each others tanks because there were so many Chinese soldiers on top of their tanks.

Before departing, B Company men counted 173 Chinese dead on their perimeter and in the valley. For many of the men who had crossed from Japan to Korea with the battalion in September 1950, this battle was to be their last major action before completing their operational tour. B Company moved back first, followed by C, A and D Companies, in that order. They were driven off the high ground which they had been holding, and the Chinese were then able to fire directly into the headquarters position below. During this phase a rare, possibly unique, order was given to the New Zealand field regiment: the guns were to engage one of the predesignated target areas (defensive fire tasks) in front of the Canadians continuously at the slow rate of fire (two rounds per gun per minute) instead of simply firing a designated number of rounds. As the patrol passed over a false crest on their way down the spur they encountered the enemy and attacked immediately. During this period the battalion had suffered 8'7 killed, 291 wounded and 5 captured.

Ferguson requested reinforcements from Brigadier Burke around 4.30 a.m. A Company of the Middlesex arrived from the south, but it could not be given artillery support and was unable to force its way through the Chinese-controlled area around the battalion headquarters.

Others were brought out by members of Headquarters and Support Companies and by members of B Company of the US 74th Engineer Battalion. The Chinese penetrated a gap of several kilometres between the Gloucesters and the Fusiliers, thereby cutting off the former. Just then a jeep and trailer were seen approaching the Headquarters Company area.

It now appeared that the 27th Brigade would be reinforced by American troops and their move forward would be facilitated if the Chinese were cleared off the small hill which commanded the road. Company Headquarters was on a small knoll further up the ridge. in its sector had halted the advance on Seoul.

The artillery observer parties with each of the forward companies were doubled to control accurate fire which was brought in to within 50 metres of the Australian positions. We recognise their continuing connection to land, sea and. Throughout the withdrawal B Company exchanged shots with Chinese who were hiding in broken ground, on small rises around Muktun-ni and in the river-bed. The napalm attack was quickly halted by Captain M. W. Ryan, the company Second-in-Command, who ran out under enemy fire waving the marker panel which had been placed on the ground to identify the Australian position to the pilots. 11 Platoon, on the main ridge between the summit and 12 Platoon's former position, received a frontal attack immediately after the accident and hurled the Chinese back with heavy casualties. They had achieved that smooth integration born of mutual confidence, which is essential to the making of an outstanding combat unit.

In the darkness and confusion he was left behind and was soon captured. Usually they are kept up fairly well.

Ridgway, still, then, the Eighth Army's commander, continued preparations for the next advance, Operation Dauntless, a drive of some 30 kilometres into the Iron Triangle. One member of the Mortar Platoon, Private John Godden, lay in a creek-bed with a Bren gun, near one of the tanks. The driver managed to start his vehicle late in the afternoon and he brought it back to the Middlesex position safely.

redeployed and together with 72 Heavy Tank Battalion United States Army provided

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