Then why not test ALL of the evidence before we can’t unkill her? DNA from june shows her guilt Not sure if you are aware of the latest DNA results from June 2016: After reading everything I could find for and against her I am convinced, as are most people, that she murdered her children. I realize that a lot of people think that she did this, but one of the children that he had murdered before, his mother went to prison for his murder also. Why didn’t they investigate the death of Chad Patterson’s girlfriend who just happen to turn up dead in Lake Hubbard close to where Darin stored his boat? Stop with the b.s. Wish we could watch! Her family insists crucial evidence was overlooked during her trial. But yet on this high-profile case, he didn’t have an audiotape or a videotape, which I think is a total lie.”. Why would she kill 2/3 kids if she wanted to live in her lavish lifestyle. First off I got my daughter back 3 yrs Doug Mulder has since passed away not very long ago, very rare for a defense lawyer not to find his own same area expert witnesses in that case blood splatter analyst expert…..The blonde hair found that was at her home may have been her bleach blonde hair it falls out pretty bad actually it could have been on that window for days or months we just don’t know. Unrequited Innocence Yes. In most of these cases I am not wishy-washy, but have a very definite opinion. WAY WAY too much of a coincidence.

Where was the trailer last seen? She is innocent and I pray that one day, the world will know that it was Tommy Lynn Sells. Fenced in backyard broken gate undisturbed, despite Darlie having him exiting the garage. The finger print is too smudged to be id’d but it’s darlies size. The mullet man husband is also a liar. I have thought and thought this strange case through many times. Im confident that Darlie is guilty. Why would she cut her own throat, almost severing her carotid artery. However, you did hit the nail on the head with your comment about the sock…and that’s why Darlie is on DR, still. They say that the photos of her wounds were not properly presented to the jury. This individual miraculously manages to keep any sense of blood or any evidence off of him, doesn’t leave any footprints. That probably does something to you mentally. The government is paying police and the prosecutors good money to do their job airtight. Unfortunately, very few get exonerated. Le 29 janvier 2014, la juge en chef du district ouest, Fred Biery, a accédé à la demande de l'accusation et de la défense pour son dossier afin que d'autres tests ADN essentiels à la défense soient effectués sur une empreinte sanguine retrouvée dans la maison, une chaussette sanglante et sa chemise de nuit[13]. You can’t get past the reasonable doubt even if you want to think she is guilty. J'ai fait la seule chose que je savais faire pour l'honorer et lui donner tous ses voeux parce qu'il n'était plus là. Next, the reason Darlie has not outwardly implicated Darin is because it will not change her fate.

Le correspondant de CBS, Bill Lagattuta, a interviewé Darin Routier, incarcéré Darlie Routier et Davis au sujet des meurtres; des fonctionnaires et des avocats de la défense associés ont également été interrogés[28],[29]. This nightmare can happen to you people as well open your eyes and look at the facts! That said, I don’t believe Darlie Routier got a fair trial at all. God Bless her, my prayers are with you and your family. I hope that someone reads this and really checks it out.

I guess nurses now need to know how to suffocate a patient and give em chloroform. No comparison her superficial wounds and the boys fatal wounds.

Le livre de février 2017 Bloodstained Justice: The Darlie Routier Story de Wanda G.Davis, documente les membres de la famille de Darlie Routier selon lesquels des preuves cruciales ont été ignorées par les autorités lors de son procès[22],[23]. It’s long overdue for Devon and Damon to get justice. The detective who conducted the interview said it was never recorded. Convince me. The same episode came on again tonight, I could barely watch it. As the running of the print has been held in Abeyance until the DNA testing is complete, it would appear that has now been completed and Darlie … ALL previous tests have done nothing but implicate the killer. IF they were involved, who is to say one of them quickly ran 75 yards to throw out a sock and then Darlie called the police? He now swears she is innocent. There is no doubt she murdered those two beautiful boys. You SHEEP that are calling Dar a murderer need to wake up. The boys that were murdered aren’t his, just the one he’d taken upstairs with him. There are no bloodstains that belong to Darlie on the sock. How can a major show such as this say such a thing and there be no way to verify it or research those cases? I’m curious how Darlie could sleep through the sheer brutally violent murders of her son’s who were a mere few feet away from her. This is just too weird and kind of overwhelming. Don’t know why this was on Unsolved Mysteries as the case has been solved. Edward Edwards the serial killer murdered Devon and Damon.

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