Bossaball allows players to strike the ball at unseen heights with any part of their body. Players are constantly rotating positions, including the bosskeep (goalie) positioned on the trampoline. Ultimate Bossaball™ was inspired by a European sport that began in 2005.…, Bossaball Netherlands recently moved their home base The Sport Box NL to a new indoor location in Utrecht. All rights reserved. Extra bosses (points) are scored when players don’t use their hands (soccer touches) and up to five bosses are awarded when the ball strikes the trampoline; that’s when “YOU’VE BEEN BOSSED!”, I just wanted to reach back out to you about Bossaball! It mixes elements of volleyball and soccer and is played on a huge inflated court with trampolines inset on each side of the net. A maximum of 5 touches is allowed per team..

Combine this with the advantages of working out on an inflatable court and your results are six health and fitness benefits of...….

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Everyone had fun and enjoyed the sport a lot. Find out how companies like #Puma, #Davivienda, #BBVA and #Unilever brought their employees to the #Bossaball court! Our most skilled players make it possible. I’m glad we were able to make this event work and would definitely recommend doing Bossaball again in the future. Teams work to pass the ball over the net with five touches and one bounce allowed. Our training and development center in Southern Spain.…, Ever wanted to see how Bossaball was invented, Korean comic style? Have a look at some of the recent Bossaball events that were carried out around the globe. Represent, run and distribute bossaball in a certain territory. Take a closer look at our licensees and clubs.…, Looking for an #innovative #teambuiding event?

In the late nineties, when beach volleyball is booming and the benji-trampolines are all over the shopping malls, Eyckmans starts to stir up his cocktail of music and sports.…, The #NASA says that “exercising on a trampoline is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man”. Bossaball is a ball game between two teams, combining elements of volleyball, football, gymnastics and capoeira. The ball used in bossaball rules is much like a volleyball (a volleyball would be good enough to use).

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