All rights reserved. A Modi administration will be more robust and tough-minded in its reactions to perceived Chinese and Pakistani influence in India’s neighbourhood. This has to be the case, as the consequences of a person being found guilty in a criminal case are usually much more serious than the potential consequences in … Even so, if the slightest doubt as to the guilt of the accused is created in the mind of the Court, he is given the benefit of the doubt and his innocence proclaimed. The standard of proof asks to how convinced the trier of fact must be of something. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. In Commonwealth v. Webster [19] , reasonable doubt is not meant to be comprehended as a mere possible doubt (as all that is connected to the affairs of humans can be said to contain a possible element of doubt). They are your customers, your friends, your teachers, your students, your employees and the auto drivers at the junction etc etc. [14], Since varying degrees within the same standard of proof threatened to cause irregularity or absurdity, suggestions were made to create a third standard of probability, which were shot down in common law jurisdictions, reaffirming that only two standards of proof would be operational in these jurisdictions. Using this essay writing service is legal and is not prohibited by any university/college policies. Speak English man not Sinkalam from far away Detroit.
What is characteristic to the Indian scenario is that the Apex Court has laid down that the conscience of the Court cannot be bound by any rule or provision but the fact that such a conscience is rising is proof of the fact that prudent judgment is at play. The preponderance of the evidence standard of proof (AKA balance of probabilities) is essentially met if there is greater than 50% chance that the plaintiff’s claims are true. The rationale behind the use of such a standard is that in some cases the question of the probability or the improbability of a happening is an imperative consideration to be taken into account in deciding whether that event has actually taken place or not. [] In other words, even when a very serious allegation has been made in a civil case, the standard of proof is not considered to be automatically raised to come closer to the criminal standard. [] However, there are certain cases which are primarily civil in nature but require, in the view of the Court, a standard of proof applicable in criminal proceedings. [] The exceptions to the aforementioned general rule in civil cases include civil contempt of Court and. In the event that a doubt is created in the mind of the Judge, the accused is permitted the benefit of the aforementioned presumption. Better future for our children, blah, blah, blah.. I’m sick of listening to these fools about life…. However, it seems to have been symptomatic of that time and the current one that melodramatic tales of that hue will be peddled around and achieve credibility of a long- or short-term nature depending on the verifiability of the content or even the lack thereof! The standard continues to be the balance of probabilities even in cases which are primarily civil in nature but where a criminal charge may be made out against the party.

This is important even though circumstantial evidence is not given the status of conclusive proof; it is just as important as it acts as a ground for forming suspicion against the accused and a negation of the same would help the case of the accused, again, if proved beyond reasonable doubt. Who remembers the Hendala pirate radio of the fifties? The talking part of politics has disappeared from Sri Lanka a while back.. We can talk about Karuna being an MP, White vans, Government departments, the Raja brothers being absolute fools.. This is one of the most important questions that the researcher has tried to analyse in this paper.

[3]. They belive we are otherwise they would not be dealing with this Dictatorship government.. Are we willing to die for the cause?? “In a speech, significantly enough in Tamil Nadu, the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate had called for a greater role in foreign policy to be given to India’s states. They do not have to have any proof that what they believe to be the case is the case. Kindle delete it. Will Jayawardena Replace Jayasuriya As CJ? [9] In other words, even when a very serious allegation has been made in a civil case, the standard of proof is not considered to be automatically raised to come closer to the criminal standard. This is perhaps to avoid the severe consequences arising from a wrongful conviction. Many Judges over the years have caused mistrials by attempting to explain to the jury what that term means.
When discussions about great men in Tamil society turn on narrower loyalties, CT. Before we move on to your Local Court defended hearing, we’ll discuss who has to prove what, and to what extent. Saying something is proven on a balance of probabilities means that it is more likely than not to have occurred. Researchers all over the world have the access to upload their writes up in this site. [31] The burden to prove this guilt, in most cases, rests on the prosecution who has to convince the rational mind of the same. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Is yours yet another example of a total inability to comprehend simple, direct English, such nonsense parading as “analysis?”. The standard continues to be the balance of probabilities even in cases which are primarily civil in nature but where a criminal charge may be made out against the party. In other words, in a criminal case, when the burden rests on the prosecution, a fact being ‘proved’ would mean a higher standard of proof is necessary while the same (in case of exceptions, for example) is lowered when this burden must be discharged by the accused. Basically, in civil litigation, the Judge has to decide in favour of that party who is supported by the preponderance of proof. [27] It has been held by the courts that for civil cases, the parties are required to make their best case before the courts based on which the decision is granted in favour of either of the parties. As long as there is no scope for a prudent mind to doubt the occurrence of an event, that version of events is termed valid.

Basically, as per the Section, the Court will consider the case and the related evidence before it can say whether an alleged fact is in fact true. Misinformation, Disinformation, Denial and Supposition; elements of the Sri Lankan stock in trade delivered with a coy wiggle of the noddle (that send foreigners weeping in disbelief). It is very hard to understand what exactly is going on here because of the Sri Lankan “machan” culture.. Hope I get to understand very soon….. For anyone looking for classic symptoms of ‘paranoia’ here is one from above – “there are individuals from “security organizations” lurking in mufti (“civil-pita”) at places that people tend to gather and chat while awaiting such as a bus. If asked for, it would be deemed a procedural error or an error in law. Are people in this country this disillusioned to not understand about why the country needs this amount of ministers, the amount of debt inherited from the present insane government??

This could also be one of the reasons behind the leniency awarded to the accused as regards the standard of proof to be upheld by the prosecution. Even though the standard of proof is lower in civil cases, it is no reflection on the seriousness of the allegations in question.

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