English, science, history, and more. Did you know that the player’s body or the racquet should not touch the net? Whos point is it? By Paulinarivas3 | Last updated: Mar 12, 2015. What is this skill?
Question: Is it legal to hold your racket straight up and down on your own side of the net to block an opponents shot?

I need detailed answer…. Is it possible to retrieve a serve on behalf of a badminton partner? What is badminton?

Average score for this quiz is 6 / 10.Difficulty: Average.Played 891 times. View profile; This activity was created by a Quia Web subscriber. - Rules, Equipment & Strategy, Friday Night Lights Book Discussion Questions, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, What a traditional shuttlecock is made of, Number of points you need in badminton to win the game, The process of passing the shuttlecock back and forth, Traditional shape of a badminton racket head. PLAY. When the score is odd, the server should serve from the left-hand service box. Are you allowed to return a shuttle with some part of your body (say ur head or your bare hand)  All rights reserved. Hi Samuel, thanks for your question. What country brought it back to their country ?

A good strategy for playing against a side by side team is as follows: [CDATA[ Answer: Answer: What was it first called? Question: How is a game of Badminton won and what is the proper name? 50% average accuracy.

Question: When is the only time you and your partner can switch boxes in a doubles game of badminton?

The shuttle touches the floor of the opponent when the opponent serves. The dimensions are 6.1m by 13.4m, The net is situated through the middle of the court and is set at 1.55m. Answer

Question on basic badminton rules  The object of badminton is to hit the shuttlecock over the net and have it land in the designated court areas.

You should do fine if you've played the game a bit. Save.

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The contact point for this shot is before the forehead with the racquet head pointing down and is used as an offensive skill. When the score is even, the server should serve from the left box. Badminton has its origins in ancient civilizations in Europe and Asia.

Answer: 4 years ago. Take your time. What happens if the racket or player falls down? Generally badminton fouls can be classified …. Answer: Test what more you know about the game by taking up the test below. Question: Conduct on court – yelling during point, I assume you are asking whether yelling is …. Edit. Answer Services, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Sportsmanship Lesson Plan for Elementary School, Sportsmanship Definition & Examples: Lesson for Kids, Receiving & Turning in Soccer Lesson Plan, Softball Lesson Plan for Physical Education, Dodgeball Lesson Plan for Physical Education, Kickball Lesson Plan for Physical Education, What is Pickleball? When you serve the shuttle the best hand technique to use when you are a begginer is... What does the video show the four students doing? In singles play, if you are serving and the score is an even number you serve from which service courts? Answer: Hi Celie, thanks for asking us a … What happens when the shuttle touches the net and drop onto the other side? Hi Ravi, thanks for your question. Spell.

To drop the shuttle while swinging the racket using the forehand swing.

Mid 18th century. Choose the best answer that relates to the statement regarding badminton rules. Choose an answer and hit 'next'. a level playing surface (court, clay, or grass) Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Type your questions here. When the player touches the net with his body or racket It is called, when the birdy clears the net and hits the other side.

Hi Jessica, thanks for your question. Did you mean the ‘receiver’ moving forward to perform a smash after …, in doubles game who make return of serve is it first or second player?

You are currently using guest access ()Phys. As of Oct 15 20. Question: Some players are taking or smashing the service by entering to front box. When the racket is above the players waist is it a fault? 1. Can I use my non-racket hand to return a shuttle? Answer:

Play as a Timed Quiz Faster you answer, more points you get! © copyright 2003-2020 Study.com. Use the smash to the sidelines as often as possible. Tools. Category: Home » Quizzes » Sports Quizzes » Sports Other Trivia » Badminton Trivia. In what year were the first rules published, In what year was the International Badminton Federation founded, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Holland, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales.
Good Luck! A good strategy for playing a front/back team is to hit to the stronger opponent and hit shots to the middle of the court. Badminton Officiating Rules & Regulations DRAFT. Do all Serves have to be made with a underhand motion, Where does the shuttle have to be when serving, What does the player serving have to day at the beginneing at each serve.

Search. A shot to which the shuttle is hit sharply downward into the opponents court is called? This quiz basically contains some average rules of my favorite sport, badminton.

Is it a foul in badminton? //
If you are a badminton player, you know that the server must hit in an upward direction, with an underarm hitting action. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Create your account to access this entire worksheet, A Premium account gives you access to all lesson, practice exams, quizzes & worksheets, Physical Education Lesson Plans & Activities, This course currently has no practice test. (I want to know about serve process of doubles).

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