9:35 GS – Younghoe Koo 32 yard field goal. 1:11 USA – Gavin Patterson 23 yard field goal. 9:56 GS – LA Ramsby 13 yard run (Younghoe Koo Kick). They were invited to the Liberty Bowl where they defeated TCU. 2:11 WMU – Michael Henry 7 yard pass from Zach Terrell (Butch Hampton kick), GS – Favian Upshaw, 4–6, 103 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, WMU – Zach Terrel, 18–27, 270 yards, 4 touchdowns, WMU – Jamauri Bogan, 26 carries, 104 yards, 1 touchdown, GS – Montay Crockett, 2 receptions, 53 yards, 1 touchdown, WMU – Michael Henry, 8 receptions, 125 yards, 2 touchdowns. 11:53 GS – Younghoe Koo 21 yard field goal. 3:29 ASU – Justin McInnis 6 yard pass from Justice Hansen (JD Houston kick). The Eagles played their home games at Paulson Stadium in Statesboro, Georgia, and competed in the Sun Belt Conference. 13:48 GT – Justin Thomas 58 yard run (Harrison Butker kick). The Eagles played their home games at Paulson Stadium in Statesboro, Georgia, and competed in the Sun Belt Conference. They finished the season 5–7, 4–4 in Sun Belt play to finish in sixth place. The UGA football roster for the 2020 season is listed below. 11:37 USA – Gavin Patterson 40 yard field goal. They were members of the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference. The Eagles will host Sun Belt foes Appalachian State, Louisiana–Lafayette, Louisiana–Monroe, and Troy, and will travel to Arkansas State, Georgia State, New Mexico State, and South Alabama.

10:53 GT – Clinton Lynch 65 yard pass from Justin Thomas (Harrison Butker kick). 12:04 NMSU – OJ Clark 6 yard pass from Tyler Rogers (Parker Davidson kick failed). 0:07 GS – Kevin Ellison 6 yard run (Younghoe Koo kick). Jersey numbers and positions … 7:54 USA – Gavin Patterson 32 yard field goal, USA – Dallas Davis, 21–42, 279 yards, 1 interception, GS – Favian Upshaw, 18 carries, 108 yards, USA – Xavier Johnson, 7 carries, 21 yards, GS – BJ Johnson III, 3 receptions, 63 yards, USA – Kevin Kutchera, 3 receptions, 69 yards.

0:58 GS – Ukeme Eligwe 90 yard fumble return (Younghoe Koo kick). The team will play four non–conference games, one home game against Savannah State from the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC), and will travel to three road games against Georgia Tech from Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Ole Miss from the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and Western Michigan from the Mid-American Conference (MAC). Georgia Southern announced its 2016 football schedule on March 3, 2016. Opp Pts/G: 24.0 (36th of 128) SRS: 3.64 (50th of 128) SOS: 2.56 (44th of 128) Bowl Game: Won Liberty Bowl 31-23 versus Texas Christian. 5:47 GS – Wesley Fields 30 yard pass from Favian Upshaw (two-point run conv. The Bulldogs played their home games at Sanford Stadium. 10:14 WMU – Darius Phillips 100 yard kickoff return (Butch Hampton kick).

14:53 GS – Younghoe Koo 22 yard field goal.

4:02 GS – LA Ramsby 1 yard run (Younghoe Koo kick). 14:54 GS – Matt Breida 9 yard pass from Kevin Ellison (Younghoe Koo kick failed). 3:58 GS – Younghoe Koo 32 yard field goal. 8:33 GS – Favian Upshaw 2 yard run (Tyler Bass kick). 2016 Georgia Bulldogs Roster. 7:52 WMU – Carrington Thompson 8 yard pass from Zach Terrell (Butch Hampton kick). 14:56 ASU – JD Houston 19 yard field goal. 2:07 GS – Montay Crockett 44 yard pass from Kevin Ellison (Younghoe Koo kick). The 2016 schedule consists of 5 home and 7 away games in the regular season. 10:22 GS – Younghoe Koo 37 yard field goal. They finished the season 5–7, 4–4 in Sun Belt play to finish in sixth place. 5:30 GS – Younghoe Koo 28 yard field goal. View the Georgia Bulldogs roster for the 2016 FBS college football season. 9:38 GS – L.A. Ramsby 1 yard run (Younghoe Koo kick). 6:22 ASU – Taylor Lamb 14 yard run (Michael Rubino kick). The 2016 Georgia Bulldogs football team represented the University of Georgia in the 2016 NCAA Division I FBS football season. 2:26 GS – Myles Campbell 63 yard pass from Kevin Ellison (Younghoe Koo kick). 2:39 ULM – Garrett Smith 7 yard run (Craig Ford kick). They finished the season 8–5, 4–4 in SEC play to finish in a three-way tie for second place in the Eastern Division. 2:13 GS – Younghoe Koo 44 yard field goal. Coach: Kirby Smart (8-5) Points For: 319. 5:17 GS – LA Ramsby 61 yard run (Younghoe Koo kick). 1:03 GS – BJ Johnson III 3 yard pass from Kevin Ellison (Younghoe Koo kick), GS – Kevin Ellison, 10–17, 102 yards, 1 touchdown, GT – Justin Thomas, 7–11, 172 yards, 1 touchdown, GT – Dedrick Mills, 13 carries, 89 yards, 2 touchdowns, GS – BJ Johnson III, 3 receptions, 42 yards, 1 touchdown, GT – Clinton Lynch, 2 receptions, 81 yards, 1 touchdown.

1:21 GS – Wesley Fields 1 yard run (Tyler Bass kick). They were led by first-year head coach Tyson Summers. 5:20 GS – Matt Breida 26 yard run (Tyler Bass kick). 3:03 ASU – Michael Rubino 28 yard field goal. 9:43 GS – Younghoe Koo 25 yard field goal. 12:17 GS – Kevin Ellison 11 yard run (Tyler Bass kick failed). Georgia Southern will skip out on two Sun Belt teams this season, Idaho and Texas State.[1]. The official 2020 Football Roster for the University of Georgia Bulldogs 1:24 GS – Younghoe Koo 53 yard field goal. 6:32 ASU – JD Houston 35 yard field goal. 10:21 GS – Wesley Fields 42 yard pass from Kevin Ellison (Younghoe Koo kick). Points/G: 24.5 (102nd of 128) Points Against: 312. 1:22 GS – LA Ramsby 1 yard run (Younghoe Koo kick). 4:02 GS – Wesley Fields 44 yard pass from Favian Upshaw (Younghoe Koo kick). 7:03 NMSU – Parker Davidson 41 yard field goal. failed). 10:21 ULM – Marcus Green 10 yard pass from Garrett Smith (Craig Ford kick), ULM – Garrett Smith, 17–33, 283 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, ULM – Garrett Smith, 14 carries, 22 yards, 1 touchdown, ULM – Marcus Green, 2 receptions, 75 yards, 1 touchdown, GS – BJ Johnson III, 4 receptions, 59 yards. 11:22 NMSU – Parker Davidson 30 yard field goal. 3:26 ASU – Jalin Moore 15 yard run (Michael Rubino kick), ASU – Taylor Lamb, 16–27, 199 yards, 2 interceptions, GS – Seth Shuman, 9–23, 73 yards, 2 interceptions, ASU – Jalin Moore, 15 carries, 126 yards, 1 touchdown, ASU – Shaedon Meadors, 6 receptions, 126 yards, GS – D'Ondre Glenn, 1 reception, 28 yards, This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 17:59. 12:51 GS – Wesley Fields 2 yard run (Younghoe Koo kick). 1:19 NMSU – Johnathan Boone 32 yard pass from Tyler Rogers (Parker Davidson kick), GS – Kevin Ellison, 7–8, 101 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, NMSU – Tyler Rogers, 22–36, 236 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, GS – Kevin Ellison, 20 carries, 117 yards, GS – Wesley Fields, 1 reception, 42 yards, 1 touchdown, NMSU – Izaiah Lottie, 3 receptions, 47 yards. 9:02 GS – Younghoe Koo 32 yard field goal. 10:27 GS – Younghoe Koo 34 yard field goal.

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