This project for illuminating house numbers is really unique and a simple thing to create. You can make one yourself with a few things that you may already have in the craft closet and give your porch a wonderfully elegant look. People passing your home on the street are sure to notice this beautiful living artwork and you can double the benefit if you plant herbs which you can then use when you cook. Make it a rather large monogram so that those on the street can see it when they pass by and you will have instant curb appeal. DIY Instructions – Instructables, Creating a focal point at the entry way is the best way to improve your curb appeal. DIY Instructions – Akadesign, If you have the room, creating a circular driveway will really boost your curb appeal. “By having skylights, or patent glazing and a nice big bifold door, you get that connection,” says Laura Jane. You can create custom planters from those that you already have on hand and make your entryway look very elegant. DIY Instructions – Elizabethhousestlouis, You don’t really have to spend a small fortune on an outdoor chandelier. This is a great project that even the kids can help you to finish. Aside from beauty, porch railings also give you a bit of security and safety. You may even be able to get pallets at a local hardware store for free so this project may not cost you anything but some time. While you can use herbicides to rid yourself of troublesome weeds, if they are in grass or flower beds it may be better to simply pull them by hand. DIY Instructions – Organizingmadefun, If you find yourself with a bit of extra time and money on your hands, you can repave your driveway and really boost your home’s beauty and value. Bins into a highly functional DIY Instructions – Instructables, Whether you have porch rails, a trellis or you simply want something on the side of your home that will make it look more attractive, vines are an excellent choice. Not only will this add beaty and value to your home, it will come in really handy for relaxing on those cooler evenings during fall and winter. You don’t even have to stick with traditional planters. If your steps are white for instance, paint the tops red or stain them in a darker color which will instantly contrast with the white. You can use a number of materials to edge your flower beds from landscaping timbers and rock to prefabricated edging blocks. They help to block out sunlight and look lovely so they add instant curb appeal and give you a few other benefits as well. DIY Instructions – Littlelucylu, Instead of just living with a boring porch floor, why not paint the floor to look like a rug? DIY Instructions – Thrifty101, In order for the front of your home to have curb appeal, every area that shows from the street has to be neat and tidy. Also, it serves as extra seating and adds a real homey touch to your yard or porch. DIY Instructions – Cape27blog, If you have a rather large porch or deck on the front of your home, adding built-in seating is a great way to boost your curb appeal. You can add a white picket fence to separate your house from the curb or use pieces of fencing to border flower gardens. […] 150 Remarkable Projects and Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal […], Really fantastic great ideas suitable for different types of people who can accommodate their requirements DIY Instructions – Apartmenttherapy, A wreath on the front door really makes your home look friendly and inviting. However, instead of having them dug up (which leaves holes that you will need to fill in) simply turn those tree trunks into attractive planters. Shrubs are easy to plant and very easy to care for so if you are looking for landscaping ideas to improve your curb appeal, shrubs are a great choice. You can actually use candles on the outside of your home to make it seem more appealing, particularly at night when the candles are burning. If you are looking for ways to improve your curb appeal, this is the collection for you. If you have a weekend to spare, you can create a beautiful rustic fence that will instantly draw attention to your garden area or your lawn. This is a much less expensive option and gives you the chance to really express your individuality. DIY Instructions – BHG, Shrubs are always a good idea for front yard landscaping. You can add some seating room to your porch or deck or go away from the house and create a nice little area near a flower garden or on the edge of the side yard. Anyone driving up and down your street is sure to appreciate your landscaping, particularly when every single inch of your lawn is filled with life and beauty. You can plant them next to your front porch or deck, along the roadside curb or have them line your driveway. Choose colors that complement your home’s exterior. Hanging a colorful wreath will ensure that it can be seen from the street which is where the curb appeal begins. You just need to find a rock that has a relatively flat surface and then you can stencil or freehand the welcome message. You can buy custom made trim or simply create your own. You can purchase new cushions or simply take the time to create new covers for the ones that you have. Pavers are very easy to work with and are relatively inexpensive but give you a beautiful look that will instantly increase your curb appeal. Window boxes are easy and inexpensive to build (depending on the material that you choose to use) and you can dress up the front and back of your house if you add them to every window. You just add the hardware (and maybe create some faux windows) and you have boosted your curb appeal in about two hours. Even really small side yard areas can be made over to boost your curb appeal and this is a project that will take less than a day for most. If your driveway is relatively old and has cracks or terrible stains that simply won’t come off, repaving is a great way to make your home’s exterior look new again. You simply have to begin with an arch shape and then add vines, plants and flowers to completely cover up the structure and make it look as if you have an arch made solely of foliage or blooms. Consider a pattern before you begin painting and add a bit of spark to an otherwise boring and bland entry area. DIY Instructions – Marthastewart, Rotted wood on the exterior of your home not only looks bad but it can be dangerous to the foundation as well. Note that you will need to find shingles that look like the ones currently on your roof and if you are not a fan of heights, this may be a job that you want to hire someone to do. Installing a ceiling fan outside is much the same as installing one inside, although you may want to take your time when choosing a fan to ensure that you get something that will mesh with your other exterior décor. Note that you will need an alternate way to enter your home until the paint dries, which could take a day or two depending on the weather. Be sure to keep those window treatments in good condition and choose something that looks attractive from the outside as well as from the inside. If you don’t really want to make your new numbers, you can purchase them but steer clear of those tacky peel and stick varieties. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If your porch doesn’t currently have railings, adding them will instantly change the look and feel of your home and add significant curb appeal. You can also cover steps with brick or other material just as easily so whatever your style or home’s exterior, you can help those steps to match. DIY Instructions – Pieceofeden, For areas that need to be separated or even those bothersome hills and slopes, a retaining wall is the perfect way to improve the view and increase your home’s value. You can purchase wreaths just about anywhere you shop or you could take the time to make them yourself. There is something for every taste! Have candles on the tables on your porch or even in the yard for a slight boost in curb appeal. Many of the projects can be completed in a weekend. You will need the wood but if you have old wood lying around then this is also a project that won’t cost you anything at all. DIY Instructions – Hometalk, Outdoor drapes give you privacy and a bit of elegance at the same time. DIY Instructions – Madiganmade, A swing in the front yard is a great way to show your relaxing spirit. “I set out my chevron floors to make sure that when you start you get a clean line on one wall and they all point the same way,” says the architect. White is the brightest: Nothing is brighter than white. If you don’t necessarily want a flower garden near the curb, simply redo the area and sew in some new grass. If you don’t have a flower bed close by, just place the rock on the steps or anywhere near the door. Instead of using those peel and stick numbers or sticking with the same ones that you have had for years, take half a day and about $20 and create beautiful modernized numbers that will instantly improve how the front of your home looks from the street. Not only does this little trick save you money, it helps your home to look better from the street. If you have steps in front that are wide enough, you can stair step the plants to create a bit of drama right at the entryway to your porch or front door. DIY Instructions – Blueroofcabin, Customizing planters is neither hard nor expensive but is a great way to add a little curb appeal. Organize Books: Use what you have to create brand new, conversation-starting bookshelves. This project may not cost you anything at all if you already have plants and other adornments on hand and will take very little time. Add a small fountain to a garden area or to the inside area of a circular drive for a really elegant effect. Be sure to repair any pings or dents in metal doors before painting. You can customize the planters for an even more attractive look. The sound of trickling water is also very relaxing and when you choose to make your own fountain or other feature, you can save money and relax at the same time. This easy project can be finished in less than a day and is really inexpensive to make. Living walls are great for the side of your home or garage or you could use them to cover fences. For really stubborn stains, you may need to pretreat for a few minutes before you begin washing. More often than not, this is the first impression people have of your home. Whether you are looking to add color, fix up some things that have been neglected or you simply want ideas for making the front of your home look more appealing, we have collected 150 ways that you can improve your home’s curb appeal.

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